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We have been offering inpatient rehab services to the Arlington, TX area for over a decade. Drug and alcohol addiction ends lives. It makes addicts feel trapped because of disgrace and guilt and tests the bounds of how much pain one individual can endure. Our treatment center has people who understand that drug addiction can be beaten, and who will help addicts free themselves from the guilt and shame that continue the cycle of substance dependency. Alcohol and drug dependency has been proven to be a medical illness, like malaria or tuberculosis, and has to be treated with the same care as any other disease. They employ skilled professionals specializing in rehabilitation therapies for drug and alcohol addiction and ensure the highest degree of care for their clients. End addiction contact us now!

What’s Substance Abuse?

The downward spiral of addiction often begins with casually experimenting with drugs.  After a while, there is a loss of self-control, and more and more drugs, more and more often are needed to achieve the same experience. When drug abuse increases in quantity and frequency, it becomes harder to function without the drug since the addict fears the extremely unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Drug treatment services treat drug and alcohol abuse whether legal and illegal substances are used.  They develop plans that address the two types of dependency, physical or psychological dependence.

  • Physical dependency occurs when repeated substance abuse changes the way nerve cells in the brain communicate pleasure, so the only way to receive pleasure-giving brain chemicals is to use drugs.
  • Psychological dependency, which takes longer to develop, is when the addict experiences stress and nervousness at the thought of not being able to use drugs to feel happy or normal.

Both physical and psychological dependence are integral parts of drug dependency as a whole and they should be treated in conjunction with one another as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. We have the staff, credentials, and passion needed to help individuals who are afflicted by drug addiction. They provide:

  • group and individual therapy
  • healthy physical activities
  • access to the 12-step community
  • a knowledgeable and supportive aftercare team
  • wonderful, luxurious reasonably priced accommodations

And they’re more than willing to customize the Recovery intervention treatment process for all forms of drug dependency while respecting the addict’s private circumstances. In contrast to other treatment facilities, they only use fact-based, healthy, reasonably priced treatments to meet the various needs of all their clients.

What Is Rehab?

In rehab, or rehabilitation, an addict:

  • withdraws from their drug of dependency
  • participates in several types of therapy and behavioral adjustments that help them understand issues
  • analyze their justifications for using
  • discover ways to prevent relapses and temptation

Recovery Rehab Services‘ recovery group is made up of experienced professionals that deal with each and every part of recovery, like:

  • assessment
  • medical care
  • counseling
  • education
  • lifestyle skills coaching
  • drug and alcohol testing
  • relapse prevention training
  • orientation into self-help and support groups
  • treatment of psychological disorders and emotional problems
  • family education and therapy
  • follow-up care

How Alcohol Rehab Recovery Care Addresses Substance Dependency

By combining inpatient and outpatient care, they can provide round-the-clock supervision with the freedoms associated with integration into society. While living in gorgeous, comfortable upscale houses, clients participate in:

  • group and individual counseling
  • behavioral modeling treatment
  • daily self-help group meetings
  • recreational activities
  • daily trips to the gym
  • various social activities

If you or someone you love is in the Arlington, TX area, and are in need of inpatient rehab give us a call at 682-647-5988.