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Enhancing Your Recovery with this 7 Helpful Apps

Posted: August 20, 2015 by in Alcohol Rehab Recovery Care

7-Helpful-Apps for addiction

In the modern world, there are many ways to get drunk or high. Now, there are high tech solutions that do the opposite, with phone apps that support you to live long-lasting sobriety.

Technology can’t do all the daily work for you, but it can help you track your success and enhance your recovery experience. Whether you’re at the end of your addiction center rehabilitation program or you’re just starting out, these apps can be helpful tools to keep you free from drug and alcohol addiction.

Here are the seven applications that can help stay sober after completing your addiction center rehabilitation program:

I am sober

This program is a sobriety calculator that will support your battle against alcoholism. In allows you to track how long you have been in recovery, and how much money have you have saved by not drinking.

One Health Meeting Finder

This is available for both Android and Apple. It tracks a dozen different addiction center rehabilitation programs in the US and can aid you to find a nearby support group meeting. It also tracks your time in addiction recovery and offers daily meditations. This is a perfect app for people who are new to recovery, or for those who travel around the U.S.


This is like Tinder, the dating app. But Rebos allows you to chat with people in recovery at any hour, so you can get or give positive upkeep whenever it is needed most.

Field Guide to Life

This is also available for Android and Apple devices. Hazelden Center is the organization behind this helpful app, which is made specifically for people in their first year of recovery. This app has 3 sections: Basic, Owning it, and The New You, with different challenges to users to complete during their recovery. Some features of this application include a meeting finder, to aid you to find nearby meetings and a contact-my-sponsor link in the Support section.

12 Steps AA Companion

This app gives you the Big Book on your smartphone. It can help you find meetings in the nearby area and has a sobriety calculator to show you how long you have been in addiction recovery.

One Recovery on the Go This software is free. It is aimed at current members of 12-step programs, which may include AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), Narcotic Anonymous, Obesity Anonymous, Gambling Anonymous, and Al-Anon.

Online Recovery Support Radio

This podcast is hosted by Kurt Swensen and airs every Saturday night. It addresses a wide range of issues relevant to those in addiction recovery.

This modern world keeps offering new technologies to make our lives easier and better. These are the helpful technologies and applications that you can download over your smartphones that will give assistance in your addiction recovery away from drugs and alcohol.  Some addiction center rehabilitation uses these useful apps to enjoy the stay of each patient.

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